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1 Year for 1 Adult Your Choice Special1 Year for 1 Adult Your Choice Special
1 Year Supply for Children upto Age 121 Year Supply for Children upto Age 12
3 Month Supply for 1 Adult3 Month Supply for 1 Adult
6 Month Supply for 1 person6 Month Supply for 1 person
Gluten Free Pack (1 Person 1 Year)Gluten Free Pack (1 Person 1 Year)
Pioneer Pak Plus (2-3 Person) PackPioneer Pak Plus (2-3 Person) Pack
Super Family Pack (6-7 Person)Super Family Pack (6-7 Person)
Super Jumbo Pack (4-5 Person)Super Jumbo Pack (4-5 Person)
Super Jumbo Plus Pack (4-5 Person)Super Jumbo Plus Pack (4-5 Person)
Super Mega Pack (9-10 Person)Super Mega Pack (9-10 Person)
Super Single Pack (1 Person 1 Year)Super Single Pack (1 Person 1 Year)
Survival Basic Year Supply
Year Supply of Grains and Legumes for 1 Person
Year Supply of Grains for 1 Person carries several options for your year supplies of food needs. Each of our year supplies of food has several different food storage items that come with your order. We have Freeze dried foods & Dehydrated foods in our 1 year supplies. Our one year supply of food storage range from single person kits to multi-person or family kits.

We pride ourselves on the fact that when these one year supply packages were created, they were put together by a licensed army nutritionist, who specializes in the way your body reacts to disaster and stress.  Each pack includes 2200 calories per person per day for one full year!  These packages do not include fillers, MSG, or genetically modified foods.  We offer full cans and buckets, freshly packed when you place your order.

There is a common misconception that in an emergency situation you would "eat anything" because you're hungry. Our research as proven that most people won't and that is why it is important to purchase and store what you eat. To that end we allow you to customize your own year supplies food storage kit. Or you can purchase one of the kits that we have put together already for you.

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