Your Acid/Alkaline Balance Can Be Corrected with the Water You Drink
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LeveLuk SD501LeveLuk SD501

Why We Must Use Alkaline Water For Health Benefits

Proper hydration of alkaline water plays a critical role in the alkaline diet for your health

Water is an essential and the major component of all living matter, and the largest single component of our bodies. Water is the one substance (other than oxygen) that we must absolutely have if we are to survive.

You need to learn to recognize and identify the signs of dehydration. Learn how to hydrate properly and what kinds of alkaline waters to use for maximum health benefits. Identify how much alkaline water you need to drink, and set a schedule for increasing your water intake to get there.

The purpose of alkaline water for you health is not only hydration, but also to help flush the body of acidic wastes and toxins. Believe it or not, there are different kinds of water to drink. A closer look at your favorite supermarket's water section will present you with many options: mountain spring water, drinking water, distilled water, carbonated water, just to name a few.

So which one should you use?

Let's remember the reason we want to increase our alkaline water intake: to remove impurities, toxins and acids from our health system and to provide pur water for our bodies to use.

When dietary and other factors cause an overly acidic condition in our bloodstream, the body is forced to either eliminate or to store away acidic wastes in order to restore our body's critical pH health balance.

The water we drink should help us slow the process of acidic health build up by removing it, not by adding to it.

So, we must choose only pure water with an alkaline pH for maximum health.

It is so critical that we alkalize our water that we drink for health reasons.

We have two machines that are available for you to choose from.  One is less expensive and it does all the same things.  The other is more expensive but comes along with a business opportunity.

The KYK Harmony claims to have a lifespan double that of its average competitor and be the most sophisticated ionization system! This is the less expensive machine.  To view the information and specs regarding this machine follow the link below.

The LeveLuk SD501 is Enagic’s top of the line model. It boasts 7 ionizing chambers, producing water with a higher –ORP and is fully automatic. It is also very compact at 16 lbs. To view the information and specs regarding this machine follow the link below.


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