Volcano Grill Cookbook & Tech Manual
Volcano Grill Cookbook & Tech Manual

Volcano Grill Cookbook & Tech Manual

Volcano Grill Cookbook & Tech Manual
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Product Description

A must-have for all Volcano cookers! The new Cookbook and Technical Manual (written by the stove’s inventor himself), teaches you how to use your Volcano to maximize all of its potential and versatility. It is much more than just a cookbook!

The beginning pages of the book contain detailed and easy to follow operating instructions for your Volcano Grill along with how you can cook with methods normally thought to be restricted to a full kitchen. Once you master the methods in this book, you will be able to reliably cook anything you might find in any cookbook.

Then come the recipes! In the first category, you will find mouth-watering recipes for Boiling, Poaching, Steaming, Simmering, and Blanching. The second category contains recipes for Baking, Stir-frying in a Wok, Deep frying, Broiling, Roasting, Barbecuing, Grilling, Braising, Sautéing, Pan frying, and Cajun frying.

This book teaches us that the Volcano is possibly the closest you’ll come to a fully portable outdoor kitchen and gives you some recipes that won’t taste a thing like traditional “camping” food! You’ll be able to cook anything, anytime, anywhere, and with any method imaginable. Because your Volcano Grill is not just a Dutch Oven stove, it’s not just a grill or barbecue, it’s not just a fire pit, boiler or broiler, it’s all of these and more rolled into one!

This Cookbook does not contain Propane cooking instructions or recipes.

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