250 Gallon Water Super Tanker
250 Gallon Water Super Tanker

250 Gallon Water Super Tanker

250 Gallon Water Super Tanker
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Product Description

The Image shows the diffferent colors and sizes available.

28" Wide 36" Deep 85" High

  • Takes up less floor space than two 55 gallon drums, yet will hold close to the same volume as five 55 gallon drums.
  • Gravity Fed (no need for an expensive syphon pump to dispense water)
  • FDA & HPB Approved food grade polyethylene.
  • Comes complete with spigot and high quality stainless steel ball valve.
  • Designed to fit through any 28" doorway to become the best in-home water storage container.
  • For 5 years storage, add one 8 oz bottle of Stabilized Oxygen .
  • uv ray resistant 23 years

    Download the Super Tanker Set Up Instructions here!
  • Product Features

    Features Benefits
    Footprint is 28" Wide, 36" Deep Footprint is less than that of two 55 gallon drums and holds almost 5 times the volume
    28" Wide Fits through any standard door, for indoor water storage.
    7' Tall Easily fits in the typical 8 foot ceiling room.
    Gravity Fed No need for an expensive syphon pump to dispense water or a wrench to open the barrel.
    Spring loaded cap Allows for enough air to avoid the glug glug effect when dispensing water from the spigot and keeps dust and bugs from getting into your water.

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    Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
    Best Emergency Water Storage ProductI know how important water is in an Emergency and also know how difficult it can be to store enough water. I used to have the 55 Gallon tanks but they pretty much took up my whole garage. I figured there had to be something better and I was right. We purchased the 250 gallon water tanker and love it. It fits perfectly in our garage and has freed up space so my husband can start parking in the Garage again. Thanks YourFoodStorage.com. Written by Jennifer Massey on Thu 5 Mar 2009 5:52:41 PM GMT
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