Cookin' With Dried Eggs
Cookin' With Dried Eggs

Cookin' With Dried Eggs

Cookin' With Dried Eggs
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Product Description

Learn to properly use your powdered eggs to make up great-tasting main dinner dishes, breads, desserts, treats and, of course, delicious breakfast entrées. Includes handy dried egg reconstitution charts for whole eggs, yolks, and whites for easy conversion. A must in every kitchen.

PEGGY D. LAYTON, a home economist, holds a bachelors of Science degree in Home Economics Education from Brigham Young University with a minor in Food Science and Nutrition. Peggy is married to Scott R. Layton and together they have seven children. With nine people to feed, Peggy uses bulk food storage products on a regular basis. She can write and speak about food storage and production from a hands on point of view. She is nationally known for publishing several books. Her most recent book Cookin' with Home Storage,” has been well received and is being sold all over the United States. Peggy is dedicated to bringing you quality, tried, and tested recipes as well as accuate information.

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