A Busy Cooks Guide to Spices (Rated # 1 )
A Busy Cooks Guide to Spices (Rated # 1 )

A Busy Cooks Guide to Spices (Rated # 1 )

A Busy Cooks Guide to Spices (Rated # 1 )
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Product Description

A Busy Cook’s Guide to Spices is not just another cookbook! Don’t change your grocery buying habits, just change the flavor of those foods you cook everyday by adding spices. Thus, 10 basic recipes become 50 tasty new meals!The first half of the book lists individual herbs and spices. Under each listing is a description of its flavor, its use in cooking (whether to use it sparingly or generously or at the beginning or end of the cooking cycle), other flavorings that mix well with it and more.The second half of the book lists the basic foods we eat. Under each food is a list of seasonings to use with that food, how to cook it and a food buying guide. Most importantly, easy preparation ideas and recipes are also included. Look in your pantry or refrigerator. See what you have to cook with and then turn to that food page for preparation ideas. Finally a cookbook that you can use!Charts list the hotness rating of chile peppers, varieties of beans, cheeses, mushrooms, pastas, edible flowers and more. You will learn to flavor butters, choose a wine that will go with these new spices or find healthy alternatives to “unhealthy” foods.There are cookbooks and there are spice books, but few cover both subjects in such a well-organized presentation sympathetic to today's busy food-preparer.Did Your Know?Chocolate was unknown to Europe before Columbus supposedly discovered it in the cargo of a boat in the Gulf of Honduras.It was not brought to Spain, however, until 1520 by Cortez.See Folklore/History section under each spice.

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