Kitchen Crop Sprouter (Acrylic 3 Tier)
Kitchen Crop Sprouter (Acrylic 3 Tier)

Kitchen Crop Sprouter (Acrylic 3 Tier)

Kitchen Crop Sprouter (Acrylic 3 Tier)
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Product Description

Three level round sprouting trays that stack on each other. Sprinkle the sprouts on the top level and the water runs down through all the trays then holds in the bottom tray.How it Works:The Kitchen CropTM Sprouter produces a variety of fresh, crispy sprouts in just a few steps, right in your own kitchen. First, pour seeds into the trays. Next, add water. Exclusive Siphon” action distributes just the right amount of water to facilitate growth. In 2 to 4 days you’ll have a bumper crop. With three separate trays, you can time your harvests to provide fresh sprouts daily. The Kitchen CropTM Sprouter makes sprouting fast, easy and fun. Enjoy healthful sprouts every day in soups, salads, or on sandwiches. The Kitchen CropTM Sprouter consists of 5 parts:Three clear germination trays, each with a white snap-on siphon cap.One white top tray with siphon cap which is used as a cover and to conveniently dispense water to the germination trays.One white base which collects excess water.Use your Kitchen CropTM Sprouter in several ways: Start the same type of seed in all 3 trays at once to produce a large batch of a single variety of sprout.Start a different type of sprouting seed in each tray to produce a variety of sprouts.Start sprouting seeds in a different tray every other day to produce a continuous supply of sprouts.

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