55 Gallon Water Storage Barrell
55 Gallon Water Storage Barrell

55 Gallon Water Storage Barrell

55 Gallon Water Storage Barrell
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Product Description

Actual weight is 22 lbs. However, shipping companies charge as though it weighs nearly 100 lbs because of the size. If you order these barrells with a year supply, there is no additional shipping charged for them. 2 barrells can be ordered per pallet of food shipped. Shipping charges will be adjusted upon receipt of your order, if ordered with food. Once you get your barrells, be sure to put them where you intend to store them before you fill them. Once filled each barrell weighs approximately 460 pounds. NOTE: IF YOU ORDER THESE WATER BARRELLS WITH YOUR 1 YEAR SUPPLY, THERE WILL BE NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES, EVEN THOUGH THE COMPUTER WILL ADD THEM. WE CAN FIT 2 BARRELLS ON A PALLET OF FOOD, WITHOUT INCURRING ANY ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES. THE COMPUTER WILL ADD IT BUT IT WILL BE DEDUCTED UPON RECEIPT OF YOUR ORDER.

If you purchase this products seperately, the computer must calculate shipping as if it weighs 100 lbs.

UPS does not calculate shipping correctly on this product if you purchase it seperately from any other products. Additional shipping will be necessary if you order this product by itself.

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