How Your 72 Hour Kit Can Kill You
How Your 72 Hour Kit Can Kill You
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In the past weeks, months and years there have been numerous inquiries on how-to, when-to, why-to and where-to do things about personal and family preparedness. There is considerable interest, surrounding preparedness. One of the common themes heard is, "I'm not sure where to go from where I am." Through the years most families have done "something" in the area of family preparedness. However, most people seem dissatisfied with their actual level of family and personal readiness. With limited resources, especially time and money, just where should the emphasis be placed?

We've found that most individuals know they should be doing more (or perhaps different) things to get prepared, but find the problem so massive, complex or confusing that they end up doing little or nothing. To them the beginning point is not apparent, or a single course of action is not clear, and so it becomes easier to ignore the problem. In the most extreme cases, some individuals or families even deny the need for much, or even any, emphasis on preparedness and have found a number of "strong justifications" for their stance. Some will go out and purchase 72 hour kits for every member of their family and think the problem is solved. It is, if tragedy doesn't happen in the middle of winter. Maybe they'll be confined to their house because of a horrific virus like Avian Flu, or nuclear fallout. In many cases, we would all be confined to our homes for months or even years. Suppose the trucks can't get the food local grocery stores, due to floods, hurricanes, tornados, or all of the food doesn't get bought up before they can get there, because of the threat of these disasters. What will they be willing to do to get their family more food when there isn't any? Steal, kill? Why let it come to that when it is so easy to prepare now, even though due to floods and droughts supplies are low, there is still time.

We live in times of great uncertainty. With the value of the dollar dropping daily, sky high gas prices, the threat of the bird flu, wars, terrorism, earthquakes, flooding and tornados, every family needs to be prepared for at least a year. Tornados have increased from 200 in 1950 to 1817 in 2005 in this country alone! Earthquakes have increased yearly, especially great earthquakes of 7.0 or larger.

When Jesus was asked what the signs of His return would be, He painted a picture of a world torn by ethnic strife, war and famine in the midst of plenty, rocked by great earthquakes and ravaged by pestilences. Whether you believe in Jesus or not, the signs of economic and politic unrest are everywhere. If this new pestilence, the bird flu virus mutates in 2006, the world will be very different in 2007. The media are beginning to report on this threat. It is a very serious threat. If the virus remains confined to birds, Asian poultry farmers will be harmed. Some will be bankrupted. If the virus mutates so that it kills humans through contagion, the world will face a pandemic. A vaccine must be developed, made into a commercial product, and produced by the billions of doses. This will not happen. Even if it is developed before the mutation occurs, distribution will be incomplete. This time? This flu? No one knows.

What if we can't leave our homes? The experts are growing worried. If an influenza pandemic struck today, borders would close, the global economy would shut down, international vaccine supplies and healthcare systems would be overwhelmed, and panic would reign. To limit the fallout, the industrialized world must create a detailed response strategy involving the public and private sectors. Influenza pandemics have posed the greatest threat of a worldwide calamity caused by infectious disease. Over the past 300 years, ten influenza pandemics have occurred among humans. The most recent came in 1957-58 and 1968-69, and although several tens of thousands of Americans died in each one, these were considered mild compared to others. The 1918-19 pandemic was not. According to recent analysis, it killed 50 to 100 million people globally. Today, with a population of 6.5 billion, more than three times that of 1918, even a "mild" pandemic could kill many millions of people. What do our pantries look like? How long can we live on it? Get ready now, while there is still food storage left! A 72 Hour Kit does have things in it that are good to have and will give you some of the necessities you will need to overcome a short term, low impact emergency. But do not place your trust in your 72 Hour Kit to help you and your family survive a disaster.

So, how can your 72 Hour Kit kill you? The security your 72 Hour Kit gives you is misplaced. If you are depending on It for your survival, you will not survive. As parents, we are stewards over our families, and it is our responsibility to make sure we all survive any and all disasters, whatever form they may take.


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