Let Us Help You Get Organized & Prepared for any Emergency

Let's Get Prepared and Organized for any Disaster

Here are some forms and information you can print and fill out to help you get organized and prepared.  From what you need to know to what you need to have, this information could help save you time, effort, and maybe even your life.  We have also included a game to help get the kids involved.  Feel free to print as many as you would like and share them with your friends and family. Click on the heading above each paragraph to download the desired item.

Scavenger Hunt Game -
Play this game as a family and see how quickly you can gather the things on this list and complete the suggestions on the Homeland Security Emeregency Family Supply List.  You can do the same witha list of things for each person to complete a personal 72 hour kit that they can put in a back pack it they needed to grab it and get out of the house.  Additional Lists of items will be added to this page every once in a while, so check back periodically.

CLICK HERE to download the Scavenger Hunt Game

Homeland Security's Emergency Family Supply List -
This list is a recommended basic supply list from Homeland Security.  It should be tailored to meet your needs and the needs of those you are preparing for.  This list is not a complete list of what you should store, but will give you a good start.

CLICK HERE to download the Homeland Security's Emergency Family Supply List

How Prepared are You Checklist -
Again, this checklist is just to give you a good idea of where to start.  It is not a complete list of what needs to be done, but will get you started.

CLICK HERE to download the How Prepared Are You Checklist

Why Store Food? -
Not convinced you should store food, or prepare for an emergency?  There are lots of different reasons to prepare for an emergency and it doesn't just happen to the other guy.  Let's explore a few of them together.

CLICK HERE to download the article "Why Store Food?"

Just in Case Information For & Family Plan -
These forms give each person in the family an information page or card to carry with them.  Put one in your wallet or purse and one in your emergency kit.  Each person should refer to the card in case of emergency and call the appropriate person or place if help is needed or to let another family member know where they are.  Each person should call the same out of state person in the case of a state emergency to let other family members know they are ok and where they are.  Have a central location where you will meet as a family if you can't get back to your home or your home is destroyed.

New information and forms to help you get prepared will be added to this page periodically. Bookmark this page and return often for updates.  We encourage you to print these items, use them and share them with your friends.

CLICK HERE to download the Just In Case Information Form
CLICK HERE to download the Family Plan



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