Special Report - Food Storage Buyers Beware
Every time there is an urgency for food storage, there are suddenly hundreds of copy-cat, flight-by-night companies, jumping on the band wagon, trying to make a quick buck.

We turn companies like this down every day. Companies who want us to sell them our food storage products so they can gouge the unsuspecting public.

Back in Y2K days, 911, and especially now, there are copy-cat companies that appear out of nowhere, trying to make a quick buck, gouging people and selling food for up to 10 times its cost, preying on people’s fears.  Some companies will sell old warehouse leftovers from Y2K days or old food they “bought back” from customers after Y2K blew over for pennies on the dollar, only to gauge an unsuspecting public for 10 times its original cost?

Here’s what to beware of:

  1. Companies that are selling food that is already 10 years old from Y2K days
  2. Selling food in .5 (half gallon cans) when the public assumes they are 1 gallon.
  3. Filling the cans and 5 gallon buckets only half full 
  4. Using “filler” instead of genuine product
  5. Selling non-sprouting wheat. (cheap, low calorie wheat)
  6. Not canning the food in an inert, sanitary FDA approved environment
  7. Not having help from nutritionists in creating the packages 
  8. Not having enough calories in the year supply packages to sustain life.  
  9. Not being a member of the Better Business Bureau, making sure when you click on the BBB symbol a report comes up and it’s not just a copy and paste of the symbol.
  10. Not having any kind of guarantee.
  11. A short amount of time in business.
Don't be fooled by these companies
Yourfoodstorage.com  (Pioneer Gourmet Food Reserves Inc) has been in the business of helping people with all of their food storage needs for over a decade now.  
My wife and I started this business when we discovered how bad people were being ripped off when they bought food storage.
Here's how it happened.
Over 12 years ago I answered an ad for a sales position to work for a certain food storage company.  This particular company was selling food storage like crazy, as everyone was afraid of the looming Y2K disaster at that time. 
After working for this company for eight months, I accidentally stumbled upon an invoice and found that the company was selling its food at a 500% markup! I couldn't believe it! It was taking advantage of people's fear?
Food that would cost them $2000, they would sell to a fearful public for $10000!  I was shocked.  I immediately went home and told my wife what I had discovered and she said; "You can't work there anymore, because that sounds too unethical too me." 
I agreed and quit the next day.  We then wondered what we were going to do to make a living.  After weighing our options, we decided to open a food storage company.  To sell food storage at a fraction of what they were selling it for.  Make enough to stay in business, and to help people prepare at the same time.
What's in a name?
Once we had made our minds up to start a food storage company, we sat down to come up with a name. We wanted to choose a name that portrayed our mission and that is how we came up with Your Food Storage. We want all of our customers to know that we work for you, meaning we will work hard to ensure that our prices are always affordable but never sacrificing quality. Hence, it's your food storage company.
Over a Decade of world class service, affordable prices, and the highest quality Food Storage Available
We started this business back in 1998 and our goal then and now was to help people get prepared at the lowest possible price, with the highest quality, longest lasting food. It was difficult at first as these bigger companies told the suppliers not to sell to us or they would take their business elsewhere. 
We persevered and received so many orders with our low prices and our philosophy that our customers are number one, that the suppliers could no longer ignore us.
It must have worked because we are now the #1 food storage destination thanks to our loyal customers. 
Here's our promise to you.
  1. Our cans and buckets will be full with no fillers
  2. We will use no MSG
  3. No genetically modified anything
  4. No contaminated anything, ever
  5. No Y2K leftovers, ever
  6. All wheat is fresh and sproutable
  7. All of our food is packed fresh when you place your order in an FDA approved sanitary environment
  8. The menus for our 1 year supplies are all assembled by a certified army nutritionist to give you, 2200 fully digestible calories per day per person with live enzymes
  9. You get a cookbook to show how to prepare the food, but mostly just add water
  10. Our packs are designed to give you what you need in stressful situations, so you will avoid appetite fatigue, which killed so many soldiers in world wars 1 and 2
  11. Guaranteed lowest prices*
  12. We have an A+ rating with the better business bureau, the highest you can get because we care about our customers and we still answer our own phones, so when you call, ask for us!
It has been this dedication to ensuring that everyone can afford quality food storage that has kept us in business for over the past 10 years and it will be that dedication that will keep us around for the next 100 plus years.
We truly know who keeps us in business and want to make sure our loyal customers always have a place where they can buy high quality, affordable food storage.
Tim or Kirstyn Anderberg
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