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Sun Oven

Why is the GLOBAL SUN OVEN the world's most widely used solar oven?

People have used the sun to cook for centuries, yet solar cooking has never gained widespread acceptance. Sun Ovens International has taken a concept that has been around for generations, combined it with the most effective materials available, a design with features that take the hassles out of solar cooking, to create the Ultimate Solar Appliance.

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Innovative Features

  • One piece collapsible reflectors - The GLOBAL SUN OVEN® can be set up for use or taken down
    for storage in a matter of seconds. The reflectors literally fall into place at an angle that allows you
    to maximize the power of the sun.
    The reflectors are made of highly polished, mirror-like anodized aluminum that can be cleaned quickly
    and easily with glass cleaner, and they will never oxidize or rust. Solar Sun Oven
  • Spill-proof levelator - There is never any need to worry about your food spilling in a GLOBAL SUN OVEN®. While cooking, your food rests on a shelf that self adjusts to always stay level as you refocus.
  • Easy temperature monitoring - A built in thermometer allows you know the temperature at a glance.
  • Solar Sun Oven Temperature Monitor
  • Self-contained leveling leg - As the sun is at different points on the horizon the GLOBAL SUN OVEN® can readily be adjusted to follow it. A simple adjusting leg allows you to choose from 9 angled positions.
  • Extremely well insulated - A thick batt of non-toxic insulation retains heat. Food cooked in the sun and left in the oven will remain hot for hours. Cold air is held out allowing the GLOBAL SUN OVEN® to be used on sunny days year around regardless of the ambient temperature.
  • Light weight, easy to carry - The GLOBAL SUN OVEN® weighs only 21 pounds (9.5 kg), folds up like a suitcase, and is equipped with a handle for easy transport. Solar Sun Oven Easy To Carry
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