Over the past decade or so we have seen hundreds of so called “Preparedness” companies come and go.  We turn down at least one person a day who wants to get into the “preparedness business” and sell our products.  We turn them down, as we can’t take any chances of them ripping the people off with our name.  We have seen many of these people do unscrupulous things to cut costs to get the price lower, when in reality you’re really getting less for your money.  Although we encourage you to shop for the best deal, you want to shop for quality also.  Is the wheat sprouting wheat or is it the “cheap wheat” that doesn’t sprout, but costs less? Is the food left over from Y2K days and already 10 years old? You don’t want to be surprised in an emergency situation.

Before you invest, please consider the following;

  1. Make sure the company that you invest with, are members of the Better Business Bureau. They are the watchdog.  If they aren’t members ask them why.

  2. Double check the calorie count.  Our packs have 2200 calories per day per person, this is 3 meals per person per day.  Our Super Jumbo pack, which feeds 4 to 5 people for 1 year weighs 1850 lbs.  Others have similar packs that claim to have the same calorie count, but weigh 400lbs less? It’s impossible!  Most calories come from wheat, beans and legumes.

  3. As we were the very first emeregency preparedness company online, our packs have been copied by many of these fly-by-night companies that will use sub-standard food or left over sfrom Y2K (10 years old) so they can give you a “deal”.

  4. Make sure the company has been in business for a time (at least 10 years)

  5. Make sure they don’t use fillers.

  6. Make sure the cans are full. (Some fill their cans only half full)

  7. Make sure they are using one gallon cans, not half gallon , not telling you before you order.

  8. Make sure the prices do not get jacked up just to give you what seems to be a discount.

  9. Make sure they have their own canning facilities, and are not just a middleman, running a business out of their garage.

  10. Make sure the food  is not (GMO), Genetically  Modified  Organisms.

  11. Make sure they guarantee their food for 30 years.  Many out there include items in their pack that will last 6 months or less.  Make sure you know what your are purchasing.


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