Newest Statement By Brother Boyd K. Packer
On March 6, 2007, we received the following information, however, this is not an official statement, it was given to us by a friend/family member.

A Boyd K Packer family reunion near July 4, 2006

As Pres. Packer was giving counsel to his family as a patriarch he admonished them again to get their storage and preparedness items. He said, "The next step is to prepare to leave our homes, if necessary." (The niece told her aunt that the Packer family has two reunions every year--one near July 4 and one near Christmas, which gives even greater validity to the next story from a completely different source.)

From my friend Diane -----------. A real estate developer stopped at her home on December 19, 2006 to see if she would be interested in selling (she lives on a corner lot on Main street in Lehi). As he was touring her home he saw the foam clothing she was working on and was very interested. They started talking about preparedness and he told her his sister was married to Boyd K. Packer's son and the Packer family had just had their annual Christmas party on December 17. He had counseled his family to "GET PREPARED NOW--there is something serious coming very soon."

The Presiding Bishop of the Church, David Burton, Sept. 1, 2006

A Leadership meeting of a South Jordan stake conference: Keep your eye on the prophet...being self-reliant has always been part of the Church. Statistics are that no matter what the church does, no higher than 15% have storage. We are not going to say any more--our people are going to need it. For example, what if somebody released a virus? What if the virus caused a pandemic? What if the pandemic led to a quarantine? What if quarantine was enforced? What would you do? The office of the presiding bishopric trying to come up with a plan--don't know what we will do. The responsibility lies with head of each family.

Elder Woods, Elk Ridge Stake Conference mid-August 2006

"time of preparation is past --now is time of consummation"

Counselor in Presiding Bishopric (last name beginning with 'E') at a Mapleton, Utah stake conference mid-January 2007:

1. Store water
2. Store 1 month supply of "comfort food"
4. Have emergency cash on hand (2-4 weeks salary)


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