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Find out why tens of thousands have chosen for all of their Food Storage, Freeze Dried foods & Dehydrated Foods needs. For over 14 years, we have been providing quality Food Storage supplies.

Our Freeze Dried Foods, Dehydrated foods, year supplies, food storage shelves, & other food storage products are created with the highest quality ingredients and processes. We are able to sell our food storage for less then anyone else because we package and can our own food. We are the cannery, warehouse, shipping, etc, no middle men so we can pass those savings onto you, our customers!  Most food products have a shelf life of 30 years.

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All of our Packs have 2200 Calories Per Person Per Day
(when comparing make sure you know the facts, ask How Many Calories you're getting)
(some substitutions allowed)
Shipping in as Little as 1 - 2 Weeks! 

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What separates us from other food storage companies...

Our one year supply family packs are designed by a licensed Army nutritionist who has 22 years experience in the nutrition, survival and long-term storage food field
Each pack includes 2200 calories per person per day for one full year!
These packages do not have fillers, MSG, or genetically modified foods.
We offer full cans and buckets, freshly packed when you place your order.
We will NEVER sell you food storage that is left over from the Y2K days!

Food Storage Supplies
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View All Products carries the largest selection of Affordable Food Storage on the Web. No one wants to think that they will have to use Food Storage but If you wait till an emergency happens, the time to prepare has past

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Year Supplies carries the most complete Food Storage Year Supplies at the most affordable prices.

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Why have Food Storage?
Food storage becomes a wise investment in future stability and an even wiser investment if you practice storing what you use and using what you store.

Making your food storage a life-style food storage, rather than a make-do food storage will help you maintain your investment. A food storage that matches your family’s lifestyle, means that you store foods that you will use and that you like. 

Using and rotating your food storage on a regular basis maintains the original investment and prevents it from being wasted. Read More...

What's the difference between freeze dried foods & dehydrated foods?
One of the biggest questions that we get from our customers is which is better between Freeze dried foods & Dehydrated foods? We have put a brief description of each of the types of food storage that we provide. Review the information about our Freeze dried foods and Dehydrated foods by clicking on the "read more" link. Read More...

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